Ongoing Projects



Kaprada (Jodhpur)

The Company has diversified its business into niche global expending market of oil fracturing proppants by making use of cuttings (waste materials) of granite stones. Proppants are used in the hydro fracturing of oil and gas wells. In hydraulic fracturing, a liquid is injected under high pressure about 12000 psi into an oil and gas-bearing rock formation to create fractures. After the fracture is initiated, a propping agent, such as hard sand ( strength 7.5-8.00 MOHs) proppants, suspended by gelled polymer is transported with the fluid into the natural fissures of the shale rocks or soil matrix to ‘prop’ it open after the pressure is relieved. The resulting narrow fissures extending away from the well bore increase the production rate of oil and gas wells. The use of proppants in these applications is on increase with the increasing oil and gas global demand mainly due to the increasing of disposable income mainly in the developing countries like India and China. Use of high grade proppants save the energy cost while fracturing the rocks thereby cost of production of oil and gas is reduced while taking out these items from the ground.  Understanding of the proppant use mechanism leads to development of improved delayed transportation into the bore holes is of essence to commence seepage of oil and gas trapped into the rock formation million of years ago. Using the technically upgraded proppants can be delayed until the sand is entering the fracture, significantly reducing the required pumping pressure. This makes the oil and gas cheaper as compared to that of competitions. Therefore, improved temperature stability and corrosion free quality of high strength is needed for these applications. The Company has acquired a vast mine to meet out the oil and gas mining demand of such proppants. The Company has granite stone reserves to last in next over 100 years..